You ate what?! [Episode 1]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat

On the first episode of “You ate what?!” I thought I would begin with a bang. Let’s see if you can guess what food is shown below.


You can clearly see the raw egg. Onions. Cucumber. Daikon radish slivers. But what is that under the egg? Hmm?

What was your guess? Pork? Beef? Liver? I bet you thought you knew. Smh. Peta people be warned. Stop reading right meow! I tried to warn you. I did. I really did. You can still stop reading. Maybe I’ll type a bit more so that you can reconsider. Please don’t message me. No hate mail. Ok. Drumroll please…

It’s raw horse meat.

It was delicious. I felt bad about it but I do not regret trying it. I went for seconds. They were good also. Will I ever eat it again? Possibly. I won’t walk up to a street vendor and pass up chicken, pork or beef to get it. But I would eat it again.

御馳走様(でした)!/Gochisou sama (deshita)/Thank you for the delicious meal!

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