Adventures in a squatty potty #1

TMI ahead!


Today is a magical Monday! I have conquered the squatty potty!!!!!

Background info: What I call “squatty potties” are actually called “Squat Toilets”. They are commonly used in many parts of the world. However, many countries have adopted the more “Western” style sitting toilets. Squatty potties are considered to be more hygienic because they require less cleaning and there is no skin to toilet contact. You may find squatty potties in public places for these reasons.

My senior high school has tons of stalls that have squatty potties but each restroom only has one western sitting toilet. There is a lot of jockeying for this one western sitting toilet. Each time I go to the restroom, I’m silently cheering when I get to use the western toilet lol. I’m used to it. Line the seat with tissue. Do your business and leave. Simple. But today was not that day!

After teaching three, 50min classes I decided it would be good go (I drink water all day. Jug-life but really bottles lol). Anyway. I went in the women’s restroom and someone was already in the western toilet. My only choice was use the squatty potty.

Now lets discuss Japanese toilet etiquette.

Sounds: Japanese women consider it good manners to do your business, SILENTLY! In many modern toilets here in Japan there is an Otohime (O-to-he-may) or “Sound Princess” feature. On the wall next to the toilet in the airport was a complicated key pad. You can choose from all kinds of sounds meant to drown out your noise. Some “fancy” restrooms even have music!

Germs: In many restrooms there will be a western toilet but there are no seat covers. You’re on your own to either suffer through germy butt contact or use toilet paper to line the seat. I’ve also noticed that many ladies will place their bag (with towel, toothbrush, etc…) on the counter near the sink. They don’t take it into the stall.

Paper towels: While they exist in Japan, they are never found in the restrooms! You bring your own hand towel to dry your hands each time you use the restroom.

Ok. Back to my first squatty potty experience.

I enter the stall, hesitantly but willing to try. I reasoned that I would acknowledge this adventure as a sucess if I didn’t pee on my clothing, the floor, or my indoor shoes. I don’t know about you but target practice has never been something that I actually practiced. From pictures and what I’d heard, I knew to face the bowl. I did what I thought to be a good squat by any fitness coaches advice. I got low. But not nearly low enough! It was sooooo loud!!!!! DUDE! I think I scared the person in the other stall. SMH! All the while, I was wishing for sounds from the ocean or a cell phone to ring but everything is so silent here.

I will work on my squats. I hope to achieve the ultimate potty level of “Sound Princess”, minus the sound effects.





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