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You ate what?! [Episode 6]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat

On the sixth episode of “You ate what?!” we visit sushi! Real sushi! Ok, I feel like I need to explain that last part. When I say real sushi, its not a commentary on the difference between sushi in Japan and sushi in the U.S.. What I mean to say is, I’m used to seeing anime sushi! When I think of all the delicious Japanese foods, I always think of the anime foods that I’ve seen first. Its so cool to actually see that these foods are real and exist in this world. It’s ultimately cool that I can try them!

Take a look at the sushi pictured below. Can you tell what kind of sushi it is? Have you ever tried either of these? Here’s a hint. It’s fish.


They’re fish eggs or roe.

The first picture shows Ikura/Salmon Roe sushi. These giant fish eggs were delicious! They burst in your mouth, releasing all that good flavoring of those tiny baby fishies.

The second picture shows Tobiko/Flying fish roe sushi. Flying fish roe were my favorite! I liken these tiny eggs to the American candy “Pop Rocks”. The moment they hit your tongue they explode! That was an unexpected surprise.

10/10 will definitely eat these again.

御馳走様(でした)!/Gochisou sama (deshita)/Thank you for the delicious meal!

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