Mos Burger

On Friday night I wanted to get out of my apartment. So I grabbed my list, of all the things I’ve yet to find in Japan, hopped on my bike and set out to explore. I went in a direction that I was familiar with. Once I passed all the familiar places I continued pedalling. I found a Baskin-Robbins, a drug store/Walgreens type spot and a Mos Burger.

When I saw this building I immediately thought of Arizona. The color and architecture reminded me of so many restaurants in Phx. The inside reminded me of the entrance to Denny’s. A trademark “diner” glass case with desserts inside. But behind the counter was all fast food. Everything looked the same. The drive through window was on the opposite side but that’s all. Otherwise, it looked like a carbon copy of any fast food joint you’d enter in the U.S..

The menu was in Japanese but they quickly sussed out my language level and gave me an English menu. I ordered a Mos Burger, small fries and small ginger ale. I knew to expect the portion size but this burger was tiny. I had to remind myself that Japan doesn’t have access to all the red meat that we do in the States.

Overall, it was a good meal. The burger was good. Not the best burger I’ve ever had but good for giving me a sense of home. Sometimes, consciously and unconsciously, I want creature comforts that remind me of home. With all the new things and places and situations you crave the familiar. This place was familiar.




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