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Japanese cooking class [1]

Last week I was afforded the opportunity to join a Japanese cooking class. These classes are held once or twice a month. Pretty much, whenever Kumiko, the teacher is available. For a minimal fee, you are taught how to make some pretty basic Japanese food. During this lesson, we learned how to make sushi!  We made three types of sushi. Osaka cheese rolls, Grilled beef rolls, and Avocado salmon rolls. Below, you can see the recipes that she gave us. Feel free to use these recipes!


First, we went over all the ingredients. Then we reviewed the steps required to make each type of roll. We were then walked through the entire process, from start to finish. She made it look super easy.


The miso soup was the first thing we cooked. It simmered during this entire process. The rice was also put on.

The veggies were washed, chopped and prepared. The beef was cooked. Sauces made. And when the rice was finished we were shown how to gently roll it over the nori sheets. The glass of water was essential to this process due to the stickiness of the rice. A quick dip of the fingers in the water before pushing the rice around and you instantly became a pro.


By the time we finished rolling all the sushi rolls you could hear the collective growl of everyones stomach. Or at least I could hear my own and it drowned out everyone elses. We were then shown the correct way to cut the rolls. With the help of a bit of water on a paper towel, we were able to saw through them pretty easily.


We each had an opportunity to cut them. And in the end, we enjoyed a delicious meal. I’m looking forward to next month’s class. Where we’ll be learning how to make Nabe!


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