You ate what?! [Episode 11]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat

Today on episode eleven of “You ate what?!” we revisit the super strange. I have no idea how else to say it. Take a look at the picture and see if you can tell what it is.


Looks like some kind of potato right? Wrong. It’s not a veggie. Think, meat. Think sea. Can you figure it out? I’ll give you a hint. Nemo was missing one. I ate that bad boy.

It’s a fin!

Ayu or Ai is a sweetfish that are tiny little nom noms. It was delicious. The fins were dried, I think. They were served with Japanese Mayo and fish eggs.

10/10 will eat again.

馳走様(でした)!/Gochisou sama (deshita)/Thank you for the delicious meal!

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