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You ate what?! [Episode 12]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat

On a recent trip to Busan, South Korea, I tried every food I could find at the famous street markets. I feel like I mastered public transportation in my limited time there and was able to find many popular markets. At one such market I found something that I’ve always wanted to try. After seeing Anthony Bourdain in Parts Unknown and No Reservations eat it, I had to try it too.

Here it is! Take a look at the plates. The top plate has pajeon, a Korean pancake made with scallions, egg, flour, and seafood. But what is that on the other plate?! Onions. What else?


I’ll give you a moment to think about it. Here’s a hint, its a type of sausage.

What’s your guess?

Ok. Ok. I’ll tell you.

It’s blood sausage! Its called Sundae (순대).

It was delicious! At one point my brain caught up with my gut and tried to reject the digestion process but I quickly remembered how good it tasted and continued eating. Did I finish the whole plate? No. I’d say I finished about 3/4 of it. I thought she would give me a smaller amount so that I could try it but she went ham bone on the serving size.

8/10 will try again!

馳走様(でした)!/Gochisou sama (deshita)/Thank you for the delicious meal!

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