You ate what?! [Episode 15]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat!

Most of you know about Cherry blossom season in Japan and other countries around the world, right? Well if you don’t, its this magical season in April where all the Islands turn pink. lol jk. But it seems that way.

The Cherry blossoms or Sakura first start peeking out in the South (near the Okinawa area) and gradually make their way North to Hokkaido by May. The goal is to see the Cherry blossoms and have hanami, a cherry blossom flower viewing picnic. The Cherry blossoms are only around for a limited time so people are out in droves to see them each year. I would say that tourism in and around Japan is highest (or seems that way) during Sakura season.

During this time the vendors of various restaurants set up shop near the best and most popular cherry blossom viewing spots. This particular stall was one among the fray near Himeji Castle (the most beautiful castle in all of the world).

Take a look at all the items for sale. What the heck is that on the grill, you ask? And what is that grilled thing that looks vaguely like a Christmas tree? If you can read hiragana then maybe you already know. If you know anything about me and my favorite snacks then maybe you can guess. But for those of you who have no clue, I’ll give you one hint. Its definitely seafood.


Looking at these pictures, I think its pretty clear what this is. But maybe you’re not a fan of our fin slappin friends down in the big blue pool. Its not Dori or Nemo or Gill or Bloat (the blowfish) or Bubbles or Bruce (the great white shark). Yes, all of these are Finding Nemo/Dori characters. Don’t judge me.

Its squid. Grilled squid. And guess what? It wasn’t that great. I love snacking on dried squid called Saki Ika (which means, you guessed it, dried squid). I’ve heard that grilled squid is usually really good but this group of squids were tougher than OG bangers. They lived a rough life and I kind of wished they lived to see a better tomorrow. Their death was pointless.

6/10 will try again. I need to find a better version of this somewhere. It can’t end this way. The death of these squids need to mean something. Squid lives matter bro.

馳走様(でした)!/Gochisou sama (deshita)/Thank you for the delicious meal!

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