A Book a Month 2017: April 四月

Am I small?


by Philipp Winterberg (author), Nadja Wichmann (Illustrator)


For the month of April I will admit that my focus hasn’t been on keeping up with this reading goal. So instead of reading a thick Japanese book, I opted for a super cute and short bilingual kindle download.

This book is my favorite children’s book now. Well, second favorite. Jump, frog, Jump is still my all time favorite children’s book. I love those cumulative stories! So many details to remember. I recommend that book to everyone. And now I will recommend this book as well.

What first drew me to this book was the blurb on Amazon. Its a story about a little girl who is curious. That’s totally me, bro. I feel this little girl so much. We are the same. She goes on a walk talking to the different animals that she meets. She has one question for each of them. Can you guess what that question is? You guess it. She asks, “Am I small?”

What I love the most is that the text of the story comes in three forms. In English, in Hiragana and in Romanji! Take a look.










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