Adventures in a squatty potty #2

After a recent walking expedition near my school, I was in search of a potty. Yes, I said potty. No matter which English speaking country you hail from ‘Potty’ is still the most polite way to say it.

Any whoziles, I rolled up on a 711 thinking everything was copacetic. I noticed construction was underway and put two and two together. They were renovating the ‘lou’ as my Australian compadres would say. Seeing the construction, I just knew that there would be an alternative for all the customers who needed to potty. I looked around outside and found these two rectangular dudes on stilts.

I was super excited about the prospect of  trying a Japanese porta potty. Why? I have no clue. We’ll leave that for my biographers to determine. If you remember the general design of a squatty potty then you know that this was a whole new level of cray. Not only was there a stair up and towards the squatty potty but if you lost your balance you and the porta-squatty were going down in a blaze of gory.

Thankfully, I survived to blog about this experience.


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