How to kill Himeji Castle in two easy steps!

[produced with the combined annomosity of Elin Gubbin]

Step 1: Set a writing task about a famous building. Give varying examples including the Taj Mahal. Result? 90 out of 120 students chose to write about Himeji Castle. Proof read twice, one week of listening to speeches and an uncurrable dislike for Himeji Castle History develops.

Step 2: Proof read a Himeji Castle Tour script…multiple times. Then play the role of foreign visitor for groups of students repeating said script…multiple times. Then proof read a second draft of said script…only once. Proceed to wait in dreaded anticipation for round two of role playing with students. Uncurrable dislike evolves to passionate avoidance of all things related to Himeji Castle History.

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