March: Burgers, movies, and sake

By March, I’d been living in Japan from well over half a year. And while I may not have eaten burgers regularly in the states. There is something about homesickness that mutates your ideals of home. It increases your cravings for things that you’d normally never have but suddenly need. For me, burgers were that thing. I was nearly desperate for a good burger and I was not disappointed.

In downtown Himeji, there is a popular bakery called Lamp. For a long time it was hard to find. And then when I finally found it, it was closed. And, not even joking, the next time I went they’d run out of bread. This picture below is of my first Lamp burger. I also wanted to order cheese fries but they were out of those. This place is a fickle fairy. If you look too hard, or want it too much it disappears.

But its well worth the wait and hassle. The burger is delicious. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling in the area. See the castle, eat the burger, then move on satisfied.


I’m sure you read my other post about being shushed in the movie theater. It’s called “Did you just shush me?!” Episode 1 . I won’t repeat any of that so go and read it. You won’t be disappointed.


Also in March, I went with a coworker and a few fellow teachers to a famous Sake brewery. I also wrote a post about this experience. Its called Tatsuriki Brewery Tour 2017. However, I will say that I left the brewery with two bottles of my favorite sake to date.

Finally, lets talk about one of my favorite things in the world. Tiny things. I love them so much and I don’t care if you don’t. I do. Have you seen those YouTube vidoes of the people making tiny food?! Mind blowing. The tiny fried chicken?! Bruh! It was like watching a miracle take place.

Besides the tiny real foods that I enjoy watching being made, I really love tiny furniture and fake foods. Its so cute. Now that I think about it, it probably stems from some latent desire to play with my dolls. Who knows. Who cares.

A coworker gave this first set of tiny things to me and it changed my life. Before this event, I was aware of tiny things but actively avoiding them because I knew it would turn into something cray. But I was so stoked to recieve this gift of tiny awesomeness that I couldn’t help wanting a tiny table to sit my tiny food on. And on and on.


This is on display on my desk at work. Its an accumulation of all the tiny food that co-workers have given me since I’ve been here at my current high school. I found this cute little flower stand that doubles as a tiny traditional looking Japanese table. Ain’t it cute?! Also, you can just barely see the tiny area rug underneath the table.


I saved the tightest and most awesome set up for my apartment display. I found this cute dining room table. On top of it I put my tiny sake set. The pot is called Tokkuri and the cups are called ochoko.























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