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Love letter for いも [Episode 3]

It’s no secret that Imo (sweet potato) holds a special place in the heart of my stomach. Most of the teachers that work near me participate in what I like to call Imo culture. This Imo culture includes the exchange of new and long loved Imo products and trinkets. On this episode of “Love letter for Imo” I want to talk about a recent omiyage purchase. Although I’m having a hard time remembering if the omiyage was from a coworker or if I bought them and shared them.


Every place that I travel to, I look for Imo treats to bring back. And my pod mates (people sitting at/around my desk) do the same. These little cuties are shaped and made to look just like Japanese sweet potatoes. They are super cute and were very delicious. Look at the detail! It totally looks like a baby sweet potato. I added a picture of real imo so you could see the similarities. That’s what I call dedication. How did they make that perfect Imo shape? I need to find that mold.



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