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May: Himeji Rose Garden, Japanese pancakes and Hawaiian omiyage

IMG_3802I want to dedicate this blog post to my Japanese mom and friend. They are awesome companions and are always up for adventuring with me. May was a slow month. Not too many exciting things happened.

My Japanese mom’s birthday was in May so we planned to surprise her by taking her to Himeji Rose garden. Roses are her favorite flower so we thought it was a pretty sweet idea. We had everything planned out. Everyone would meet at my apartment building and my friend would drive us all so that our destination would remain a secret. However, once we arrived, we discovered that not only had she already been to the rose garden. But she lived within walking distance! We were devestated by this news. I mean, imagine a light and floating balloon gently riding a breeze then all of a sudden, wham! There goes the air.

We still enjoyed the trip and the time spent together. We spent the day walking around talking about our favorite colors and flowers. We took pictures and even bought her a rose towel. Hand towels are very popular in Japan. Most people own quite a few and use them regularly after washing their hands. Paper towels are rare in Japan so everyone carries their own hand towel.

During that time, I was really feening for Cracker Barrel’s pancake breakfasts and my friends were well aware of that. I’d been looking for pancakes for a while. So they found a cafe that served pancakes. But listen, when I tell you I was sick after eating know that it wasn’t because I was poisoned or anything. It was due to the simple fact that Japan treats pancakes like desserts. Tons of sweet and not a lick of savory to be found. So I ate my meal which was actually meant to be dessert and regretted it afterwards like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t mind my photo caption. Had I known how bad those pancakes were going to be I wouldn’t have even put Jesus in the picture. These were anti-Christs for sure.


Did you know that Japanese people make up the 3rd largest group of people in Hawaii? When I tell you that literally 70 percent of the Japanese people that I know and have met have been to Hawaii I am not kidding. So I wasn’t surprised when my friend and her husband and family visited the big island. However, I was surprised by the omiyage that I recieved upon their return. Most people know that I love peanut butter. Why? Because I included it in my Japanese introduction, duh.

“I’m Christina. I’m from the U.S.. I love peanut butter.”



When talking to my friend about foods she should try, I mentioned Reeses peanut butter cups and Lord knows what else. So I was super excited to see that she’d brought me Reeses peanut butter!!!!!! And if you haven’t read any of my other blog posts then know that pecans don’t exist in Japan. Only a mythical land called Costco has them and the journey there is daunting without a car. Thoughtful people are everything!

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