March: Burgers, movies, and sake

By March, I’d been living in Japan from well over half a year. And while I may not have eaten burgers regularly in the states. There is something about homesickness that mutates your ideals of home. It increases your cravings for things that you’d normally never have but suddenly need. For me, burgers were that… Continue reading March: Burgers, movies, and sake


How to kill Himeji Castle in two easy steps!

[produced with the combined annomosity of Elin Gubbin] Step 1: Set a writing task about a famous building. Give varying examples including the Taj Mahal. Result? 90 out of 120 students chose to write about Himeji Castle. Proof read twice, one week of listening to speeches and an uncurrable dislike for Himeji Castle History develops. Step 2:… Continue reading How to kill Himeji Castle in two easy steps!


Adventures in a squatty potty #2

After a recent walking expedition near my school, I was in search of a potty. Yes, I said potty. No matter which English speaking country you hail from ‘Potty’ is still the most polite way to say it. Any whoziles, I rolled up on a 711 thinking everything was copacetic. I noticed construction was underway… Continue reading Adventures in a squatty potty #2

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Love letter for いも [Episode 1]

It’s no secret that I love sweet potato. I blame my mom for this. She raised me on sweet potatoes and candied yams. This affinity for imo (いも), as its known in Japanese, has only grown in Japan. There are so many different varieties of sweet potato and they each have distinct flavors and qualities.… Continue reading Love letter for いも [Episode 1]


You ate what?! [Episode 16]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat! On this episode of “You ate what?!” we dive into the deep. You see what I did there? I’m punny. We’re talking about eating fishies. What is so strange about that? You tell me. Think about all your fun little fishy facts. Take a walk through all the most dangerous, deadly, poisonous… Continue reading You ate what?! [Episode 16]