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May: Himeji Rose Garden, Japanese pancakes and Hawaiian omiyage

I want to dedicate this blog post to my Japanese mom and friend. They are awesome companions and are always up for adventuring with me. May was a slow month. Not too many exciting things happened. My Japanese mom’s birthday was in May so we planned to surprise her by taking her to Himeji Rose… Continue reading May: Himeji Rose Garden, Japanese pancakes and Hawaiian omiyage

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Love letter for いも [Episode 1]

It’s no secret that I love sweet potato. I blame my mom for this. She raised me on sweet potatoes and candied yams. This affinity for imo (いも), as its known in Japanese, has only grown in Japan. There are so many different varieties of sweet potato and they each have distinct flavors and qualities.… Continue reading Love letter for いも [Episode 1]

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You ate what?! [Episode 12]

いただきます!/itadakimasu/ Let’s eat On a recent trip to Busan, South Korea, I tried every food I could find at the famous street markets. I feel like I mastered public transportation in my limited time there and was able to find many popular markets. At one such market I found something that I’ve always wanted to… Continue reading You ate what?! [Episode 12]