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First day of School: 2nd term 2016

Yesterday was my first day of school and work. Here is an account of my day.

5:30 Wake up. Devotion.

7:30 Waiting outside near the bike farm. Meeting a coworker to ride to work together.

8:00 Arrive at school. Park bike near an even bigger bike farm. Enter building and take off outside shoes. Put them into shoe locker. Change into indoor shoes. 10 cent tour.

8:20 Introductions all around. I was introduced to all the staff, twice. During the morning meet, I gave my introduction speech in both Eng and Japanese.

Eng: Good morning everyone! My name is Christina and I am the new English ASE (Assistant Supervisor of English). I am from America, a state called Illinois. It is also humid there so I feel like I’m home. I enjoy living in Japan. Please talk to me anytime! I am excited to practice English with you and better my Japanese. Please try your best! Thank you very much!

Jap: Ohayou gozaimasu! Good morning!

Hajime mashite. Nice to meet you.

Pruitt Christina to moshimasu. I am called Christina Pruitt.

Watashi wa nijyu-kyu sai desu. I am 29 years old.

Watashi no shusshin wa America no Illinois shu desu. I am from America, from Illinois.

Watashi wa peanut butter ga dai-suki desu. I love peanut butter!

Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Thank you and nice to meet you for the first time. (I think)

8:30 Opening ceremony. On the first day of each term there is an opening ceremony. All staff wears formal attire. We all climbed the unending staircases to the gym. All the students a staff took shoe bags with their gym shoes inside to change into. No outside shoes, or even indoor shoes allowed in the gym. Dedicated gym shoes are necessary or you can just wear your socks. I was on of few sock wearers. Students filed in and stood in rows according to year. 3rd years (12th graders) up front, 2nd years (11th graders) behind them and all the way in the back were the 1st years (10th graders).

We stood for all of this. It all started with the school song practice. They went over the school song a number of times until the teacher was happy with their performance. Then the ceremony began. The prinicpal gave a speech. We bowed. They sang a few verses of the school song. It was beautifully done (I’m learning it now). More speeches. Students received awards. We all sat down during the awards.

10:50 Big Clean. I was taken to my classroom and told to wait there for students. About 8 students came to my class to clean it. How much actual cleaning happened? About 5 minutes. I saw one girl “air dusting”. Like, legit, dusting above the cabinet but her duster never connected. When I asked if they were finished cleaning another girl shouted “YES!” So I released them to go back to their homeroom to help their classmates clean. To be fair, my class was immaculate before they arrived. Kudos to the chick who sprayed cleaner on all the tables and all the 5-6 students that wiped up behind her. They were the real MVP’s.

11:20 Students went to class. I went back to the teachers room. And thats where I stayed until after 4pm. No classes. No classes on friday. Classes officially begin for me on Monday. This will give me time to perfect my introduction powerpoint.

4:50 Bike ride home.


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