Christmas Recital

Can you see the tree layout of the pictures? Scroll down and use your imagination.






I was invited to this shindig by Miho. She is taking piano lessons. I learned that her piano teacher is a part of a group of music school alumni who have met for the last 9 Christmases to host this event.When she said “piano recital” I was thinking of something totally different than what I walked into. I imagined a gymnasium with folding chairs facing the stage. Ha. I should know better by now. Nothing is what you expect in Japan.

The first thing that threw me off was the entrance fee. I was told fairly early that there would be a cost of admittance. I’m down to try new things so I said ok. Lets go and be supportive.

We walked into this wooden room with chairs and tables moved to make room for all the instruments and muscians. After taking off our shoes and putting them in the shoe holes, we found the seats that were saved for us. We sat at a table with our backs against the wall. One of my favorite ways to survey a room. As an avid people watcher, this seat was clutch. I could see everything and everyone.

After writing our names on nametags and sticking them to our clothing, we were ready. The group decided who would go first on the program by picking numbers. You can sort of see the numbers to the left of each group/performer. After the selection was completed the awesomeness began. Each group was a delight to hear. These were talented flute, clairnet and wind instrument players. Many of them played multiple instruments and even during songs would switch instruments like it was nothing. Quite literally, every person in that room, save myself and the staff played some kind of instrument!

Seeing that really inspired me to want to take learning to play the Bass guitar seriously. At the end of the program all the people in the room played a final song together. I made an agreement with my friends that next year we would perform together. I want to add my awesome to that event. Band details coming later. But to be proactive, I’ve joined the music club at my highschool and my JTE (Japanese Teacher something) has agreed to teach me to play Bass starting in Term 3/Jan.




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